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As a concert pianist and award-winning teacher, Fred has worked with thousands of teachers and pianists to improve their technique, empower them with confidence, and liberate their music-making.

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Entrada has invigorated my teaching and transformed my students’ playing."

Sarah Lyngra
Piano Teacher,
Owner, Yellow Cat Music

…hearing you describe the techniques to pieces is empowering and supportive in a special way. It is so helpful to be informed of a technical system that allows my musical instincts to be expressed with ease. I love hearing and seeing what it does for my students."

Heather Waldrop
Piano Teacher

Fred Karpoff is a consummate pianist, teacher, and lecturer. He is among those rare virtuosos who consciously understands what he is doing, and can impart his knowledge to others. In short, he is aware that we cannot convey our musical feelings and thoughts unless we make a physical connection to them on the keyboard."

Seymour Bernstein
Pianist, Artist-Teacher, Author, Composer

I have rejuvenated my piano teaching through Entrada's precise pedagogical approach and have been thrilled to see the benefits in my students’ playing and my own. The approach has given me more confidence to address performance issues by integrating the piano technique concepts while building students' self-awareness leading to their musical independence."

Satanand Sharma
Music Lecturer, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad

My teacher introduced me to Entrada. As I gained understanding on achieving proper technique, my playing immediately improved and, more importantly, I started having fun again. I continue to use Entrada to supplement my lessons and my teacher values it as a common framework to discuss new challenges."

John Griffin

Before I discovered Entrada, I was playing through serious pain and making no progress. Fred’s clear and thorough explanations and demonstrations have completely transformed my playing. I heartily recommend it to everyone!"

Paavo Jumppanen
Hobart, Australia

I subscribed Entrada some time ago and it has revolutionized my teaching. I have much firmer grasp of the principles of technique and how to explain and articulate that."

Kristina Lee
Pianist and Teacher

You are providing such an inspriational site for all teachers! I am so appreciative of the insights I have gained on Entrada, both as a player and a teacher. My own technique has been improved and refined because of the Entrada approach. Entrada is a tremendously beneficial resource for teachers and students and definitely worth the investment. Entrada provides a unique and valuable service to the piano community."

Veda Journagan
Piano Teacher

It has been a privilege to receive the training you have so brilliantly and meticulously assembled and I could never adequately express what a positive difference the training has made in my teaching abilities. I use it with my beginning students and my advanced students. It helps with training the beginning piano hand as well as playing difficult passages. I only wish I had been exposed to this much earlier in my teaching career."

Lynette Cook, NCTM
Immediate Past President
Nevada Music Teachers Association

Excellent website! Short concise segments, isolating technical movements with superb video -- perfect for busy piano teachers."

Donna Craig
Piano Teacher

I use the videos every week and they have been a great help to me. Your program is an important contribution to our art, and I look forward to subscribing for years to come!"

Jonathan Flowers
Pianist and Teacher

What I like about the videos was that they focused on one piece only and were much shorter and I was able to fit them into my day more easily. The standard of Entrada has always been exceptional."

Elizabeth Alexander
Piano Teacher

Entrada is a wonderful contribution to piano pedagogy world-wide!"

Marina Manning
Piano Teacher

Teaching piano is my life but I do not have a degree in piano pedagogy. I rely on quality help from teachers like yourself and appreciate the opportunity to better my teaching skills."

Brenda Pazar
Piano Teacher

I have really been enjoying the videos as well as the webinars. I love that you are doing detailed tutorials for teaching not only the techniques, but also applications in the student repertoire. Very useful!"

Margaret Rose Simons
Piano Teacher

I love being able to place my iPad on the piano and refer to the specific segments we are covering in a lesson."

Joan Lyons
Piano Teacher