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Fred Karpoff is a consummate pianist, teacher, and lecturer. He is among those rare virtuosos who consciously understands what he is doing, and can impart his knowledge to others. In short, he is aware that we cannot convey our musical feelings and thoughts unless we make a physical connection to them on the keyboard.”

Seymour Bernstein
Pianist, Composer, and Teacher

Professor of Piano and Collaborative Arts
Setnor School of Music
Syracuse University

Winner of the Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award presented by
Music Teachers National Association.

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Unlock Knowledge and Remove Barriers

Many busy piano teachers feel that advanced technical training isn’t possible for them–they want to enrich their skill set but don’t feel they can afford the time or the cost of lessons with a master teacher.

At Entrada, we believe that everyone can learn whole-body, three-dimensional piano technique and gain outstanding professional development at exceptional value.

We have the tools you need. As a concert pianist and award-winning teacher, Fred has worked with thousands of teachers and pianists to improve their technique, empower them with confidence, and liberate their music-making.

How does Entrada compare?

Discover the Key to Expressive, Effortless Playing

We know what’s it’s like to feel stuck in what you can accomplish. Entrada empowers you to:

Liberate Technique


The backbone of Entrada’s pedagogy, Skills is where you’ll find focused, sequenced videos designed to build a whole-body, three-dimensional technique from the very beginning through the most advanced levels.

Play More Expressively


Three-dimensional playing meets a wide range of musical concepts in repertoire you play and teach. Masterclass joins healthful playing with musical inspiration.



Insights are short videos on specific problem spots in repertoire of all levels. Don’t see the piece you are looking for? Members can submit requests for videos directly to Entrada.

Great Teachers Demonstrate
Great Technique

Technical problems hold students back.
Help them achieve more

Take your playing and teaching to the next level with Entrada

Effortless Playing

Learn whole-body,
three-dimensional technique
that leads to more
expressive music-making.

More teaching, less correcting

Challenge your students to practice more effectively and achieve exceptional results.

Enrich your training

A comprehensive and ever-
expanding resource, where your
guide is always there for you.

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We’re on a Mission to Unlock Creative Potential.

We know what’s it’s like to feel stuck in what you can accomplish. Entrada empowers you to solve problems, liberate technique, and express better music.

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You can play and teach with confidence.

1. Invest in Yourself

Become a member. Join your always- available and up-to-date piano resource

2. Watch the Videos

Expand your knowledge and abilities for
your professional development

3. Apply the Concepts

Become empowered to perform and demonstrate elegant technique and lead your students to higher achievement

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A Smart Investment in Yourself AND Your Students

Lessons with an artist-teacher are expensive, with uncertain takeaways or resources to sustain your gains in training. Get started with Entrada and invest in yourself–for your own advancement and for your students’ development. Become fearless at solving technical problems and gain musical inspiration on pieces you play and teach.

Playing the piano should feel easy. And learning healthful, effective movement should be easy, too. Arpeggios, trills, tremolos, octaves, repeated chords, scales, pedaling…you can learn how to play and teach these elements effortlessly, with confidence.

Most musicians strive to reach their full potential. With Skills, Entrada breaks down challenges into manageable lessons. Masterclass features in-depth tutorials on popular repertoire you play and teach. Insights on intriguing spots in repertoire are filmed and released regularly, based on your questions and requests. Subscribers to Entrada Teacher also receive the Teaching Guide, a comprehensive Glossary, and Entrada Studio, an innovative studio management tool that includes a dedicated homepage.

You’ll be empowered to teach more difficult repertoire, do more teaching and less correcting, and guide your students to play more expressively as you gain a systematic method and vocabulary to play and teach. Watch your students become more confident and willing to take more risks (and practice!) as you guide them to discover easier choreography of movement that is both injury-preventive and allows for greater expression.

At Entrada, you’ve got a concert pianist as your guide.

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Bach: Prelude in C Major, WTC I



Whole-Body Technique: Balancing Freedom & Support

4 lessons


Chopin: Nocturne in D-Flat, Op. 27 No. 2



Momentum and the Descent

3 videos


Bartok: For Children, Vol. 1 No. 3



Granados: Spanish Dance No. 5


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I could never adequately express what a positive difference this training has made in my teaching abilities. I use it with my beginning and my advanced students. It helps with training the beginning piano hand as well as playing difficult passages. I only wish I had been exposed to this much earlier in my teaching career.”

– Lynette Cook
Immediate Past President
Nevada Music Teachers Association

Select the Entrada that works for you.

If for any reason you are not pleased with your subscription purchase, simply email us within 30 days and we will promptly issue you a full refund.

Entrada Pianist

  • Skills library — more than 300 focused videos covering pianistic elements for accelerated technical development
    • Foundations – Fundamentals, Three-Dimensional Movement
    • Intermediate – Repeated Notes, One-Octave Arpeggios, Sound Quality
    • Advanced – Vibrato Technique, Octaves, Tremolos, Trills and Scales
  • Masterclass library — video tutorials on pieces ranging from early elementary to advanced
  • Insights library — an ever-expanding collection of short videos on problem spots and topics of interest to members
    • Request help with specific passages through the contact page
  • Glossary — an easy reference for all terms used in Entrada
  • Frequent content updates

$29/mo  |  $299/yr

Entrada Teacher

  • Includes all features for the Entrada Pianist
  • Entrada Studio™ — a suite of convenient features for the busy teacher
    • Your own customizable studio webpage – stand alone or link to your existing website

      To view a sample studio webpage as hosted by Entrada, click here.

    • Add up to 20 students to your Studio at no charge

      If you have more than 20 students, please contact us for pricing.

    • Assign Elementary and Early Intermediate videos to your students for homework

      From within the site, you can directly assign as many as 10 videos from the Elementary and Early Intermediate libraries to each student per week and monitor their viewing progress.

    • Reinforce concepts taught in your lessons and inspire more effective practice
    • Easily maintain contact between lessons for increased student retention
    • Connect with today’s students in a way that dynamically engages them
    • Your webpage is easy to set up and is maintained by Entrada
  • Access to the Teaching Guide for how to best use Entrada Foundational Skills videos with your students

$49/mo  |  $499/yr

Entrada Piano

For Institutions

Entrada is a great resource for your college or community music school, offering multiple studio accounts for teachers and their students. Contact us for pricing.

Not ready to subscribe? Non-members may purchase masterclasses as listed here.

Discover the Key to Expressive, Effortless Playing

Do you or your students struggle with arpeggios, tremolos, and octaves? Has your skill-set hit a plateau? Does some repertoire feel unattainable?

We know that frustration well.

Developed over 30 years of teaching, Fred Karpoff’s approach to whole-body piano playing, Three-Dimensional Piano Technique, will help you break through those barriers and reinvigorate your playing and teaching.

Combining elements of Tai chi, the Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method with the work of many piano pedagogues, past and present, he now guides teachers and students toward more efficient, healthful, and expressive piano playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Entrada Pianist and Entrada Teacher?

Entrada Pianist is a single membership for an individual learner, whether you are a student, avocational, or professional pianist. Entrada Teacher is for teachers who are looking to further their professional development and grow their business through increased visibility online.

What else is included with Entrada Teacher?

Entrada Teacher members refine their own skills and vocabulary, assign instructional videos for their students’ accelerated learning, and can refer to the supplementary Teaching Guide document for extra guidance. You’ll also benefit from having Entrada Studio, our innovative studio management tool which includes your own dedicated homepage for effective outreach in your community.  Add up to 20 of your elementary and intermediate students to your Studio and easily assign videos directly from your dashboard. For each student you can assign as many as 7 Skills videos (from the Foundations and Intermediate Libraries) and 3 Masterclasses (from the Elementary through Early Intermediate Libraries). If you have more advanced students you can encourage them to subscribe to Entrada Pianist.

What are the benefits of having my homepage with Entrada?

With Entrada Studio, your personal homepage is included as part of your Teacher membership. There is an option to link to your existing website if you like; just add the url and the link will appear on your page. Because your page is hosted by Entrada, you’ll benefit from search engine optimization (SEO), so people looking for a teacher in your area will find you more easily.

I’ve never set up a webpage for my studio. Does it involve a lot of maintenance? I don’t want to worry about upkeep.

It’s really easy! Just fill out a few fields with the information you want to share, choose a photo if you wish and—boom!—you have a homepage that you can share with prospective students, parents, and colleagues. It’s easy to make changes anytime. To see a sample homepage, click here.

I already have a website. How can I benefit from the homepage Entrada provides me?

By linking to your existing site, you’ll benefit from increased visibility online by the referral from your Entrada homepage.

My students aren’t that serious - they’re just taking for fun. How can Entrada help them?

It’s our experience that today’s students like to engage with short videos, and enjoy “figuring out” the easiest way to accomplish a task. The foundational biomechanics taught and reinforced throughout Entrada apply to every physical endeavor, ranging from playing sports and other instruments to using computers. Efficient movement reduces risk of injury and expands potential for higher achievement.

I have a lot of intermediate and advanced students that just want to play music. Do they need to do the Foundations units?

We find that college performance majors often need this information as much or more than anyone else! Any initial resistance soon dissipates with exclamations of, “This is so much easier,” followed by accelerated learning and achievement. Expanding awareness and gaining new, healthful habits of posture and movement allows advanced students to really take off, and allows you to do more teaching and less correcting.

Will you be adding new content?

Yes! There will be ongoing additions to all libraries, including frequent additions to the Insights library, created in response to members’ questions and requests.

Where can I see an up-to-date list of the entire video catalog?

Click here to see a list of all content in the Skills, Masterclass, and Insights libraries.

I have rejuvenated my piano teaching through Entrada’s precise pedagogical approach and have been thrilled to see the benefits in my students’ playing and my own. The approach has given me more confidence to address performance issues by integrating the piano technique concepts while building students’ self-awareness leading to their musical independence.”

– Satanand Sharma
Lecturer and Music Unit Coordinator
Department of Creative and Festival Arts
University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

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