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June 23, 2022

Masterclass: Frédéric Chopin

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Until an Entrada member requested a video on today’s new Masterclass release, I would have answered an emphatic No! to this question. Not that there isn’t “easier” Chopin; there are quite a few pieces that fall into the “intermediate” classification. But like Debussy (and unlike Schumann and Tchaikovsky) I don’t really think of Chopin as a composer of “easy” piano music.
Now that has changed! I wasn’t familiar with Chopin’s 17 Polish Songs for voice and piano, published after the composer’s death. Fortunately for us, Chopin adapted one of these songs, Wiosna (Spring), for solo piano.
This elementary piece features a lilting siciliano rhythm, a beautiful cantabile melody, and a right-hand part dominated by just two different five-finger spans, so pianists of any level can enjoy playing it.  


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  1. Arthur Houle says:

    Great find – thanks for sharing!

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