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March 3, 2022

Masterclass: Duvernoy: Etude in C, Op. 176 No. 24

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“What’s the Vibrato Technique?”
This is an understandable question I often hear, since most of us only learned about the idea of vibrato as related to playing certain instruments (especially strings) or to singing. 
But the Vibrato Technique, for pianists, is the cycling motion initiated by the larger arm muscles and distributed into smaller bursts of energy to the fingers. It’s essential for playing effortless repeated chords, octaves, tremolos, and trills.
In Entrada’s Teaching Little Hands videos, we show that it’s never too early for anyone to learn how to use this technique–and how doing so not only makes it easier to play better, now, but also sets the stage to play increasingly difficult repertoire with ease. 
Access the Teaching Little Hands playlist on YouTube.
Moving to the early intermediate level, Duvernoy‘s short Etude in C is a good piece to apply the Vibrato Technique. This piece is often played with a fixed wrist, a twisted hand, excessive force or too much tension in general. 
By combining good alignment, a quiet hand, a light thumb, and utilizing the right muscles at the right time, we can cultivate an easy leggiero touch with a gentle vibrato motion. 
In this Masterclass, I explore different shaping options for an injury-preventive approach and effortless performance. Check it out!



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