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August 24, 2021

Discovery Series: Wendy Stevens

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Wendy Stevens

Wendy Stevens is an American composer who supports piano teachers with a wide range of creative resources at She enjoys writing music that especially connects with children and youth, and also strives to meet the needs of adult beginners. She says, “Helping teachers remember what it’s like to be a child again and experiencing that childlike wonder, excitement, and creativity is one of my passions.” Stevens regularly gives presentations on creativity, composition, running a private studio, and technology. 


Stevens: New Masterclasses


Prairie Creek Sunrise

Prairie Creek Sunrise is an easy piece for more mature learners. Stevens says it paints a picture with “layers of musical color woven in simplicity, to satisfy those with deep emotional connections to beauty.” It provides a chance to explore open sonorities, hand crossings, and long pedals.



The composer comments that Cascading is an intermediate piano solo “about that miraculous current of beauty that is above, beneath, and surrounding us” It features undulating arpeggios in compound meter and projects a kind of reverence with mostly pandiatonic harmonies and contrasting chordal passages, including stretches of open-voices harmonies in parallel motion. Fred demonstrates three-dimensional choreography that emphasizes and enhances the continuously flowing music.


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