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June 1, 2022

Masterclass: Albert Ellmenreich Spinning Song (1816-1905)

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What does Disco Duck have in common with Spinning Song?

What do You Light Up My Life, Disco Duck and Spinning Song have in common?

Just like those 70’s hits by Debby Boone and Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots, Spinning Song’s composer, Albert Ellmenreich, is a one-hit wonder. Although he worked as an actor, singer, and writer, and there’s evidence that he was also a prolific composer, his legacy rests on just one enduring piano piece.

I remember hearing Spinning Song played by one of my older siblings before I had my first lessons. Now I realize that–like all good one-hit wonders–there was something catchy about it, a ‘hook’ that made me want to learn how to play it, too.

This early-intermediate solo continues to attract progressing pianists of all ages. In the full Entrada Masterclass, I walk through technical and musical problems and demonstrate practice strategies such as harmonic blocking, playing chords in ensemble, the vibrato technique, and mirroring.

Here’s an excerpt from this lesson:

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